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    Writing Workshop held on 18th August, 2018 (Saturday) at Samagna MHOC by Mrs. Vishnu Priya and Mrs.Vanaja

    " Writing is a complex act which needs to be analysed. One part of it has reference to motor mechanisms and the other represents a real and proper effort of the intellect "

    ---Maria Montessori


    Writing is the ability to express thoughts using graphic symbols.

    It is the coordination of muscular movement and thinking.

    Right age for writing - around 4 1/2 years

    Preparation for writing at school and home

    Particulars Indirect Preparation Direct Preparation
    School EPL and Sensorial material Sand paper letters, Movable alphabet and Metal insets
    Home Give opportunities for using his / her hands Provide material for writing in a corner or on the shelf


    Never hold child's hand

    Spend minimum time with the child and involve in writing

    Always encourage the child positively

    Never give eraser

    Out of 26 children's parents invited, only 12 turned up