• Journey


    In May 1998, Samagna Montessori House of children was inaugurated by Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna Kumar (AMI primary trainer, MTRT, Hyderabad) at my residence.

    In April 2000, Samagna MHOC moved to its new premises with family elders' blessings to Madhav Nagar colony Saidabad

    By 2003, it started to work with more than 50 children and 4 AMI trained adults.

    In August 2006, the old premises renovated according to Montessori Philosophy norms.

    In January 2009, Samagna Elementary School was inaugurated (first AMI Elementary school in Hyderabad) by Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna Kumar, AMI Primary trainer and Carla Foster AMI Elementary Auxiliary Trainer with One AMI Elementary teacher and 18 children.

    Since 2009, the Elementary classroom is flourishing with well and committed AMI Elementary teachers and 51 children with cooperation of respective children.